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The 1997 constitution of the Republic of the Gambia under Section 174 (6) states the Public Service Commission (PSC) is to present to the National Assembly an annual report of its activities. As provided for under Sections 172 and 173 of the afore-said Constitution, the Public Service Commission is mandated by law to appoint into offices Public/Civil Servants with the exception of Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Local Government Authorities (Chiefs and Alkalos). The PSC also has oversight for the management and supervision of the civil service.

it also has the following under its purview:

  • To review from time to time the General Orders and the Public Service Regulations and advise Government accordingly
  • To set up standard requirement for entry into the Civil Service, Training and promotion criteria vis-à-vis the Scheme of service

The President of the Republic may delegate some of his powers to the Public Service Commission as he thinks fit.

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The vision of the Commission is to meet the national development goals by making optimal read more

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